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FINAL BOUT is a unique drift competition hosted at the Midwest’s premier drift course- USA International Raceway on Labor Day weekend, August 30th and 31st in 2014. Final Bout will begin to rebuild drift culture in North America and move toward a more sustainable model by creating a strong grassroots foundation of teams and organizations throughout the North American continent. To this end, Final Bout will be a team competition that encourages people from all over NA to assemble as teams and fight to bring notoriety to their region.

Final Bout is being planned, organized and orchestrated by ClubFR. ClubFR brings over 12 years of event planning experience to Final Bout as the second oldest drift organization in the North America. ClubFR has consistently hosted track days and weekends with excellent notoriety and recognition, and has fostered a family feel by building and encouraging community which extends beyond the track weekend itself.

Final Bout will invite drivers to assemble teams with a minimum of three cars per team, and teams will compete against each other in an elimination format. To bring focus to the aesthetic value of grassroots drift cars, the first portion of the Final Bout weekend will include a judged car show, which will contribute to 50% of the competing team’s overall score. The remaining time will be used for a team tandem competition, forcing drivers to strengthen their driving skills as a team.

Key teams from across North America have been invited to the Final Bout event and have made deposits to participate. Final Bout is still 6 months away and has become the go-to drift weekend for grassroots drift enthusiasts. Participating teams have begun to promote this event through their own social media posts [Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo], populating relevant hashtags and direct communication with friends in the drift community.

A note to our sponsors:

Professional drifting is an exciting aspect of our sport, but professional drivers remain a minority among drift enthusiasts. It is ultimately the grassroots, amateur drivers who push drifting forward, and the rising costs of fielding a successful Formula D effort are alienating many amateur drift fans. A growing movement of grassroots drifting is developing in North America, and supporting this movement can lead to excellent exposure to your clients and increased sales volume. Final Bout is an event specifically catered to the culture conscious early adopters who drive trend in US drifting, and as the grassroots community continues to increase in size, connecting with events like Final Bout will be of immense benefit to all of our sponsors.

Please consider sponsoring Final Bout as a part of your 2014 marketing budget.

Interested sponsors can reach out to Final Bout staff at for a sponsorship packet and prospectus.

Registered Teams:
Animal Style
AutoFactory Realize
Club Sandwich
D Squad
Dirty Love
Drift Faction
Gold Star
High Fade
Hot Boyz
Opposite Line
Risky Devil
Street Dancer
Tandem of Die
Team ShaDynasty

ClubFR Formal 2014

Formal Flier

ClubFR has been servicing the midwest drift community for 10 years now. On our 10 year anniversary we cordially invite you to come celebrate with us on January 4th 2014. We will be having a formal dinner and post dinner festivities in Countryside, IL. Join us as we reminisce over the past 10 years, discuss the upcoming 2014 season, and give out awards to participants over the years.

We will be having dinner at the Holiday Inn in Countryside, IL. After dinner we will be heading next door to The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside for the post dinner festivities. During dinner we will have a cash bar available to everyone. At the Autobarn we will have a DJ, and open bar (Beer & Wine), we encourage you to bring a bottle of your preferred hard liquor, we will provide the mixers.

Formal attire is required, gentlemen that means no jeans, sneakers, hoodies, etc. Suit jackets are HIGHLY recommended. Ladies, you know what to do.

The event cost is $80 per person, this is all inclusive for the evening. We also have a room block rate at Holiday Inn for those who would like to stay the evening.

Date: Saturday, January 4, 2014
Time: 6:30PM
Location: Holiday Inn Countryside & Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside
Cost: $80
Limit: 100 people

Payment: Send money to or Chase Quickpay to If your email address differs from your paypal email or Chase Quickpay email please include that email on payment.

Registration ends 12/28. We will accept $50 per person deposits to hold a seat.

Drift Day 46 | USA International Raceway


Register here:

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013
Gates Open: 7:00AM
Driver’s Meeting: 8:45AM
Hot Track: 9:00AM-12:00PM & 1:00PM-5:00PM
Break for Lunch: 1:00PM-2:00PM
Where: USA International Raceway. Shawano, WI
Hosted by: ClubFR
Pricing (all prices are subject to paypal 3% fee):
Early Registration (Ends October 13th)
Late Registration & Day of Registration
***as always announced for every drift day, there are NO RIDE-A-LONGS in the mornings. If the morning session goes well, we will announce when the track will open up for ride-a-longs.

To Register follow this link:
***registering for a media pass does not guarantee an all access pass.

Each media person in the field must have a spotter.
*NOTE: a spotter is not the same as an assistant

If additional passes for an assistant is needed, the assistant must submit their information separately for approval along with their spotter.

Submission deadline for media is October 13, 2013. All registrants will receive information on media passes after the deadline.

Want to come to a Drift Day, but not ready to drift your car? Staffing is a great way to learn the course and meet new people. Fill out a staffing submission forum on ClubFR’s website if you are interested!

Shawano is no fancy town, there is little to nothing there. For those not familiar feel free to ask any questions.

There are a few restaurants around town. Typical fast food joints, and a few pretty good places you’ve never heard of.

On track amenities, USAIR allows propane grills, there is NO CHARCOAL grills allowed in the pit area. There are two propane grills provided by the track that are free to use.

There will be on track camping allowed, see below. For those who will be spending the night at a hotel there are a few options. Hotels: Mention US Air to get discounts

Comfort Inn & Suites
Shawano, WI – 715-524-9090
$62.00 for single or double
$65.00 for king suite
Full breakfast & pool

Settle Inn
Shawano, WI – 715-526-2044
$65.00 single or double
Continental breakfast & pool

Super 8
Shawano, WI – 715-526-6688
20% off rack rate
Continental breakfast

Cecil Fireside Inn
Cecil, WI – 715-745-6444
poolside $60.00 – 1 queen & 1 full, 1 or 2 people – country side $45.00 1 full & twin or 1 queen, pool.”


FOCAL POINT is a recurring installment of features on drivers, staff, tracks and sponsors.  Get to know a little more about each feature subject beyond what you see or hear at the track.  In this installment, we focus on driver Brian Peter.


The Midwest is lucky enough to have a wealth of driving talent, a significant number of which have moved up to attain their Pro license and beyond.  Read on to learn more about Brian’s experience with drifting, how much he loves V8s and possibly the best dessert combination I haven’t tried yet.

FOCAL POINT: What’s your name, age and where do you live?

Brian Peter:  Brian Peter….29….I think, and I live in Milwaukee.

FP: How long have you been in Milwaukee?

BP: About five years.  I grew up in Rhinelander.

FP: Let’s talk about drifting first.  So how did you get into it?

BP: I got into it because my buddy Ryan had a 240 and I was helping him work on it a lot.  From looking for parts for that thing you kinda find drifting.  I was going to school down at UTI in Chicago, someone was selling a 240 and I bought one.  That was it.  I just drove it as a daily for a long time.  I found MyAutoEvents just searching Google for events in my area.  I didn’t even hear about ClubFR, I just found that website and I saw there was a drift day so I signed up.  Showed up and had the best time ever.  I was asking people “how do I join this ClubFR – what is this” and they’re all “well aren’t you on the forum?”  They were confused how I was even there without knowing about ClubFR (laughs).   That was it, I did every Drift Day until I don’t know, 20 in a row or something.

dd7 503

FP: So a lot of people know that you have some experience in Formula D.  I’m sure a lot would like to hear about that.  What would you say is your biggest takeaway from experiencing Formula D?

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